Induction Cooktop Accessories

Induction Cooktop Accessories

Creating exceptional food dishes is both a science and an art, requiring quality tools and cookware accessories in addition to great talent.

CookTek induction cooker accessories allow professional cooks to obtain superior results from induction cooking technology. Our cookware accessories work seamlessly with CookTek induction ranges and cooktops, specially designed to maximize the advanced heating methods of induction cooking and produce exceptional results every time.

Benefits of CookTek induction cooktop accessories:

  • Woks made with high quality induction compatible stainless steel
  • Compatible with multiple induction cooktop models, including drop-in buffet warmers
  • Superior construction and technology helps heat food evenly and precisely

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Induction Wok Pan by CookTek
The 14WOKSS Induction Wok Pan by CookTek® is designed for use with any CookTek® induction wok...