ThermaCube™ Food Delivery System

Models: TCS100 / TCS200

Never deliver cold, soggy food again! The ThermaCube™ Food Delivery System from CookTek offers unparalleled performance for maintaining temperature and controlling humidity. The ThermaCube™ induction heated delivery bag is designed to optimize food temperatures for up to 45 minutes!

The ThermaCube™ is unique because it does not cook or overheat food, it simply warms it using ultra-precise induction technology. The specially designed tray and bag create a blanket of warm air that surrounds the food and prevents it from cooling. The VaporVent™ equipped bag effectively controls moisture. You can keep burgers, fries, chicken, Asian cuisine or just about any hot food item hot and at near just-cooked quality for heated delivery of up to 45 minutes.

The ThermaCube™ Food Delivery System is comprised of a specially designed lightweight pellet tray, a system specific bag, and an induction charger base. The pellet tray resides hidden inside the bag and is only ever removed when the bag needs replacing or laundering. Once a bag containing a tray is placed on the induction charger base, it automatically heats up. A red light shows that charging is taking place. The light changes to green when the bag is hot and ready for use. Simple. Cordless. Dependable.

The system requires three components to work - the charging base, the bag, and the pellet tray assembly. There are two bag sizes to accommodate all different types of cuisine:

  • TCS bags are 12" (305mm) deep, 13.5" (318m) wide and 8" (229mm) tall (interior dimensions).
  • TCT bags are 12.5" (419mm) deep, 13.5" (445mm) wide at the base, 13.5" (368mm) deep and 14.5" wide at the top, and 11" (305mm) tall (interior dimensions).


For pizza-only establishments, CookTek recommends the slightly faster and more affordable Pizza Delivery System.

The Pizza Delivery System and ThermaCube™ systems are NOT compatible – either one or the other system should be used in an installation to avoid confusion.

From completely cold, it takes up to 3-1/2 minutes to heat a large bag. Once there is some residual heat in the bag, re-charge times are much faster – typically a minute or so.

Note: do not mix ThermaCube™ with Pizza Delivery systems. Also, 200-240VAC version not sold in U.S. & Canada.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic and simple red light / green light operation.
  • Only takes a few minutes to heat a large bag.
  • No cords on the bags.
  • Keeps food hot for 45 minutes.
  • Bag (without tray assembly) is machine washable.
  • Pellet tray is submersable for cleaning (not dishwasher safe).
  • 100-120VAC (U.S. & Canada) or 200-240VAC (International) versions.
  • For use with an appropriate number of TCS or TCT bags - both bags are compatible with the same charging base.
  • Do NOT mix with Pizza Delivery System parts/equipment.