Freestanding Plancha

Models: MPL362XX-200

CookTek's commercial induction Plancha offers unparalleled initial heat-up speed and thermal consistency. Recovery times are fast, and the available heating surface extends edge to edge in either direction.

From room temperature, the surface reaches 525F (275C) in just over ten minutes. The power and responsiveness of induction means that the cooking surface temperature is maintained, even when several pounds of cold protein are dropped on the surface. This instantaneous recovery saves energy and unnecessary heat loss to the cooking environment. Despite the high temperature cooking surface, emissivity is remarkably low. Very little heat is transferred to the equipment's housing, creating a comfortable work environment.

Free-standing models feature polished steel or chrome tops for even easier cleaning, less heat radiation, and less opportunity for flavor transfer. All models feature a grease moat which surrounds the entire cooking surface and empties into a convenient removable drawer.

Features & Benefits

  • Each induction zone is 7kW
  • Independent controls for each zone
  • Available with polished steel or chrome cooking surface
  • Available as a free-standing unit or a drop-in unit
  • Immediate recovery time and fast initial heat up
  • Reaches maximum temperature in just over ten minutes
  • Works in power mode (1-10) or temperature mode (300-525F/150-260C)
  • Low radiant heat provides comfortable operator environment
  • Grease drawers included