Silenzio Round Drop-In 650W Induction Buffet Warmer

Models: B651-RD / B652-RD

Silenzio 650-watt, round, drop-in induction buffet warmers by CookTek® are ideal for holding food at the perfect temperature.

These commercial or catering warmers give you the superior performance of induction, along with greater electrical convenience and overall energy economy.

The units have enough power to maintain consistent buffet holding temperatures, yet allow for up to three units per 110VAC 15A circuit / four per 20A circuit, or five per 240VAC 15A circuit.

The tempered glass tops on all drop-in induction buffet warmer models are plain black (with no logos, etc.) in order to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The electronics within the units emit very little heat, so that the design allows for no cooling fan. As a consequence, the buffet warmers by CookTek® are “whisper quiet” – important in a buffet dining setting.

"RD" models offer the same benefits of the "D" models, but in a 12" (31.5cm) round housing.


Features & Benefits


  • Low power design maintains consistent buffet temperatures, yet allows for electrical flexibility.
  • Unobtrusive plain black tempered glass.
  • 12" (31.5cm) round stainless steel housing.
  • Two options for control.