Commercial Induction Cooking

Cooking quality food is a science that requires a great amount of control and precision. Professional cooks must use the most advanced professional kitchen equipment and induction cooktops to increase productivity and achieve superior results.

At CookTek®, we are committed to providing effective commercial induction cooking solutions that not only improve the cooking experience, but also lower bills and contribute to a more energy efficient kitchen.

Traditional gas and electric ranges cook food through indirect heat, relying on conduction and radiation to the metal of the cookware. They often provide uneven and inconsistent heating, leading to under or overcooked food that does not live up to its potential flavor. What sets CookTek® magnetic induction cooktops apart from traditional gas and electric cooking ranges is its ability to effectively heat and cook food through induction cooking.

Induction cooktops generate and deliver heat through a high-frequency electromagnetic field, which penetrates the base of the pan with circulating electric current and transfers heat evenly to the pan’s contents. Because induction heats the pan itself, rather than the air or the cooking unit, CookTek’s® induction ranges cook food faster than traditional gas cooktops. With direct heat from a magnetic cooktop, professional chefs can gain more control over their cooking and provide superior dishes, maximizing flavor and quality. Cooler cooktop surfaces also reduce injuries in the kitchen and make cleanup easier.

The results of CookTek’s® induction cooktops are a more precise cooking experience, a cooler and cleaner kitchen, and improved energy efficiency. Discover the benefits of the CookTek® induction cooking range, and change the way you cook food!