Why Choose Induction Cooking

November 15, 2010

Induction cooking involves the production of an electromagnetic current to excite iron molecules in the pan and release heat energy evenly to the pan’s contents. With advanced induction cooktops and products, professional cooks can use induction cooking for an overall improved kitchen that produces quality food and service. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of induction cooking and CookTek induction cooking products.

  • Save Money and Energy: CookTek induction cooktop ranges are designed to deliver 90 to 95 percent of the energy they draw to the pan, while traditional gas and electric ranges typically deliver 35 to 50 percent. This means less wasted energy, lower utility bills and a cooler, more efficient kitchen.
  • Enjoy a Wide Range of Options: CookTek offers a variety of induction cooking solutions for the front of house, back of house and even food delivery service. Durable cooktop ranges are designed to fit seamlessly within any cooking environment, and innovative buffet warmers offer a sleek countertop appearance. Food delivery systems keep food hot during transport, so that it arrives at its destination fresh, hot and crisp. Other CookTek options include induction wok units and stockpot heaters.
  • Keep the Kitchen Clean and Safe: Induction cooktop surfaces remain relatively cool to the touch, with no hot coils or burners that can lead to burns and injuries. The cool surface also eliminates food burnt onto the ranges, improving cleanup and leading to a more productive kitchen.
  • Better Service, Better Food: Induction cooking products allow for more precise heat distribution and control when cooking food, making it easier for chefs to evenly cook food. With quality food and exceptional service, diners and customers will remain happy and likely come back for more.

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