Taking a Closer Look at Induction Insulated Food Delivery Bags

January 20, 2011

Insulated food delivery bags keep customers satisfied, bringing fresh, hot food orders to their door every time. But what’s the magic behind induction  delivery bags, and how do they work? Here, we’ll examine the main components of CookTek® induction food delivery systems.

CookTek Pizza Thermal Delivery System

  • FlashPak™ Disc: The induction pizza disc is made from a special Temperature Sensing Alloy (TSA) that collects and stores energy from the induction charger. This energy is released slowly as heat during delivery to keep pizzas hot and crispy. A “phase change” plastic case holds the TSA for longer-lasting heat. These FlashPak discs are virtually indestructible, so they will withstand the daily wear and tear of the food delivery process.
  • VaporVent™ Pizza Delivery Bag: With a tough nylon design and no messy cords, CookTek’s pizza thermal delivery bags are durable, safe and easy to use. The pizza disc fits inside keep the food warm, and the bag can be charged quickly for more efficient deliveries.
  • Induction Pizza Bag Charger: Completing the system is the induction charger, which can keep up to ten bags in rotation during peak delivery hours. This helps ensure customers get their food fast, while it’s still fresh. When the bag is completely cold, it takes about 2 minutes to charge,  and once bag is heated, it can recharge in about one minute.

CookTek ThermaCube™ Induction Thermal Delivery System

  • Removable Pellet Tray: Lightweight and hidden inside the delivery bag, the specially designed tray creates a blanket of warm air that surrounds the food and keeps it from getting cold. The tray need only be removed when replacing or washing the bag.
  • VaporVent™ Food Delivery Bag: With VaporVent technology, CookTek’s insulated food delivery bags effectively control moisture, so that food is delivered to customers with that straight-from-the-kitchen freshness and quality. The bag is cordless and keeps food hot for up to 30 minutes.
  • Induction Charger Base: From cold, the charger can take up to 3 ½ minutes to heat a large bag. After the bag has some residual heat, it takes only a minute or so to recharge. The charger is easy to use, with automatic settings and simple red light/green light operation.

Keep in mind that CookTek pizza delivery systems and ThermaCube systems are not compatible with each other. 

Learn more about CookTek’s induction cooking and heating technology at www.CookTek.com.