Pizza Delivery

Heated Pizza Delivery Bags Will Give You a Bigger Slice of the Market

If you run a pizza delivery business, you know how important a hot, crispy pizza is to your customers — however, providing that after a long delivery drive can be tricky. Thankfully, many lucky drivers have a good friend riding along in the passenger seat: induction pizza delivery equipment from CookTek. The Pizza Thermal Delivery System, which uses induction technology to keep pizzas hot while on-the-go, is making the trip to the customer’s house a breeze.

Our Pizza Thermal Delivery System Will Make Even Your Crustiest Customer Happy

A 45-minute delivery guarantee means nothing if your customer's pizza arrives cool to the touch. To keep satisfied customers craving your fresh, hot delivered pizzas, we wouldn't recommend anything short of CookTek's Pizza Thermal Delivery System, specifically designed to keep pizzas a piping hot 155 degrees for up to 45 minutes.