Our Pizza Thermal Delivery System Will Make Even Your Crustiest Customer Happy

November 29, 2010

A 45-minute delivery guarantee means nothing if your customer's pizza arrives cool to the touch. To keep satisfied customers craving your fresh, hot delivered pizzas, we wouldn't recommend anything short of CookTek's Pizza Thermal Delivery System, specifically designed to keep pizzas a piping hot 155 degrees for up to 45 minutes.

With the 16-inch or 18-inch Induction Pizza Thermal Delivery System, your delivery person will no longer sweat his or her way to the delivery spot, hoping a poorly packaged pizza will retain its own heat. This superior system will buy your company peace of mind by ensuring fresh-from-the-oven quality every time.

The portable heating element relies on induction, and it's charged before the delivery person hits the road.

If it sounds too easy, that's because it is. Once heated, each recharge takes about a minute (or in about two and a half minutes from cold), and then the FlashPak discs (installed in a pouch inside the bag) emit a lasting heat to keep up to three pizzas hot enough for a delivery trip. You know the system is ready when the red indicator light on the charging base turns green. There's nothing more to it!

Without having any cords attached to the bag, each delivery driver will be able to load the food and leave on their route faster. The charging station will serve as the drop point, and the bags retain their heat, while the disc continues to actively warm the food. Your delivery person will quickly appreciate the cordless feature, and will not have to rely on a cigarette lighter to power their bag. Imagine it: no more worrying about plugging and unplugging the bag in the car!

You, your staff -- and especially your customers -- will celebrate the company's upgrading to CookTek induction pizza delivery equipment. To learn more about how we can bring smiles to your customers’ faces – please contact us today.