How Our Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmers Work

January 31, 2011

CookTek’s innovative drop-in induction buffet warmers use induction technology to keep food warm at the buffet table. Induction heating involves an electromagnetic current that generates energy, which excites the iron molecules in the pan, and releases that energy in the form of heat. With our induction heating technology and buffet warmers, food is kept warm with precise, consistent heat – improving safety, quality and customer experience.

  • Improve Safety: Our drop-in induction buffet warmers are safer than traditional heating equipment that uses canned fuel or open flames. Because CookTek’s induction warmers heat the pan or dish directly, instead of losing energy to the air the surface remains relatively cool to the touch. This makes the drop-in induction buffet warmers ideal for the front of the house, where space may be limited and many guests come into contact with the buffet warmers.
  • Improve Quality: Quality food not only requires superior cooking methods and ingredients, but must also retain heat and freshness from cooktop to buffet warmer to plate. With a broad range of temperature settings and easy-to-use controls, CookTek’s buffet warmers take the guesswork out of keeping food warm on the buffet table, so that food remains hot and fresh for long periods of time.
  • Improve Customer Experience: The drop-in induction buffet warmers feature a simple design that is dropped directly into countertops, eliminating the clutter of obtrusive equipment. The sleek black tops do not feature any logo, enhancing the clean, professional look of your buffet. In addition, the electronics within the units emit very little heat, eliminating the need for a cooling fan. This keeps the units “whisper quiet” in any dining room setting.

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