Discover CookTek's MSP Induction Stock Pot Range

December 9, 2010

Busy commercial kitchens must overcome the challenge of fulfilling high-volume food orders efficiently without sacrificing quality. Rushing through the cooking process can lead to dishes that are undercooked, cold and mediocre. Fortunately, advanced cooking technology helps speed traditional cooking methods while still maintaining the integrity of the food. CookTek’s MSP Free Standing Large Induction Stock Pot Range is designed and built to fit seamlessly in the toughest commercial kitchens, heating food quickly and precisely for exceptional meals and quality service.

Discover the benefits of CookTek’s MSP induction stock pot range:

  • Faster. Induction cooking technology heats food faster than traditional gas and electric ranges. The MSP induction stock pot range can bring a gallon of water to a boil in just 150 seconds, and can boil five gallons in 12.5 minutes or less. Precise heating controls allow for accurate boil and simmer applications, producing extraordinary food efficiently for unbeatable service.
  • Cleaner. The induction stock pot range heats the pot, not the unit or the air around it, leaving the surface cool to the touch. Not only does this make a safer kitchen, but it eliminates burnt on spills that can be a hassle to clean. In addition, induction heating wastes less energy than gas or electric, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Cheaper. By operating at 90-95 percent efficiency, the MSP induction stock pot range helps to lower kitchen energy bills. With no open flames or hot coils, the air becomes cooler and the kitchen more manageable, with lower air conditioning costs.

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