CookTek Pizza Delivery Equipment: Meet the Main Players

January 11, 2011

When we say CookTek induction technology is changing the way you cook, serve, and deliver food, we’re not just limiting you to the kitchen or the front of the house. With CookTek pizza delivery equipment, delivery staff can serve fresh, hot, quality food right to the customers’ front doors. Our Pizza Thermal Delivery System (PTDS) consists of three basic components. Take a closer look at the main players below.


  • The VaporVent Pizza Delivery Bag: Our 16- and 18-inch pizza delivery bags are designed to safely hold up to three pizzas during delivery, keeping the food at temperatures up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 45 minutes. With a cordless design, delivery staff can easily transport the bags, and tough nylon material ensures durability. The bags are also machine washable for long-lasting use. Each bag comes with a PCT (polycarbonate tray) that helps the bag keep it shape. The PCT and FlashPak disc must be removed before laundering.
  • The Induction Pizza Bag Charger: Each size of delivery bag has a corresponding charger that heats the bag quickly and safely. Sixteen-inch chargers cannot be used with 18-inch bags, and vice versa. The charger charges one bag at a time, but does so fast enough that it can accommodate up to 10 bags during peak delivery hours. It has automatic red light/green light operation for ease of use. Heating a bag from cold takes just over two minutes, and recharging once there is residual heat in the bag can take about a minute.
  • The FlashPak Disc: The induction pizza disc is required for each VaporVent bag. The disc is made out of a solid-to-solid phase change material that is heated up by the charger in the same way a pan is heated up on one of our induction cooktops (electromagnetic fields excite the metal molecules in the phase change material). Because of the nature of that material, the heat is then released very slowly as the disc cools off, keeping the bag/pizzas warm. The strong design makes the disc virtually unbreakable, and must only be removed when washing delivery bags.


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