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July 12

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February 24

CookTek’s double induction cooktop boasts versatility and flexibility, with the ability to improve quality, service, safety and energy efficiency in your restaurant. Below, discover how the double induction cooktop enhances the cooking, serving and dining experience.

February 10

Cooking quality food in a busy commercial kitchen requires equipment built to last, with features that cook food fast without sacrificing quality or freshness. CookTek’s induction cooking units are designed with this value in mind. Here, we’ll explore the wide range of benefits offered by our commercial induction wok range.

February 7

Superior food deserves presentation that sizzles. CookTek’s FaHeater™ Induction Fajita Warmer keeps food hot from the cooktop to the table, keeping customers satisfied and impressed by quality food and service. Plates for steaks, vegetables, fajitas and more can be preheated quickly, maintaining that straight-from-the-skillet quality that diners expect when eating out.

January 25

Induction cooking technology allows busy commercial kitchens to cook and serve food quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the dish. But what exactly is induction cooking, and how is it different from traditional gas or electric cooktops? Below, get the basics on induction cooking technology.